CONSTRUCTIVE UNIVERSALISM. Joaquín Torres García (1874 -1949) was the creator of Constructive Universalism, a key contribution based on a language that combines Universalism, Americanism, Constructivism and the symbolic, while at the same time incorporating the contributions of classicism, primitivism, pre-Colombian art, neo-Plasticism, Cubism and Surrealism. He rendered this mix in paintings, objects and flat sculpture. Torres García created an original orthogonal art whose aperspective and dynamic spaces house symbols that allude to the world of reason, matter and emotion. Some key symbols of this language are the circle, the square, triangle, ruler, golden compass, numbers, heart, spiral, ships, anchors, clocks, ladders, fish, houses, the cosmic couple, universal beings, stars. Torres García used the golden mean, but no measurement or geometry can swallow up the humanism and emotion of his painting.

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